Own Business Idea (ONLINE)

22.5.2023 - 26.5.2023 Liiketoiminta ja talous Verkkokoulutus Ilm. viim. 27.4.2023
Planning your own business
· Have you ever considered that you might have skills that you could use to earn money?
· Do you have skills, but you're unable to utilize your skills for one reason or another?
We have an idea for you! Let’s create a business idea together.
If you want start to create a plan for your business that is based on your skills, then welcome to develop own and personal business idea!
You don't need to have previous experience in entrepreneurship. We will start with the basics. The service will be guided by the experienced business professionals. A smartphone or a laptop will be needed in coaching.
The provisional contact days will be planned on a group-specific basis. You will also have an opportunity to receive personal guidance throughout the entire training. The training days will be carried out mainly as online teaching. In addition, you will have access to the learning environment tasks and materials.
After the coaching period, you will be ready to estimate your business opportunities.
The content
· Entrepreneurship in Finland
· Recognize your competencies and strengths
· Design your skills as affordable products
· How can I organize own business in Finland?
· Hands on cases an examples
· Personal guidance

Your skills, your products and your business. It’s your potential.

Contact: Sari Juntunen tel. 044 9702685; sari.juntunen@rouhea.fi

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